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Christine Martindale of KOST 103.5

June 5, 2011

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From this page you can play the Interview on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. To facilitate listening on the Web, the interview has been broken into nine segments, as listed in the player at the left.

Simply click the appropriate link to begin. When you are finished listening to a selection, click the “DONE” button on your iPhone or iPod, or “Back” arrow on your iPad or Internet browser to return to this page. Note: You can return to this page at any time (you do not need to listen to the entire selection).

Interview Segments
1. Marie's Orchard Premiere Announcement (3:03 min)  
2. Marie's Orchard and Center Stage Opera Background (4:15 min)  
3. Technology Used in Composing Marie's Orchard (3:56 min)  
4. The Madrid Theatre and Questions for the Composer (2:34 min)  
5. Approach to Working with Singers (3:07 min)  
6. Revisions to the Score During Rehearsals (2:08 min)  
7. Music: An Emotional Language (2:36 min)  
8. Center Stage Opera's Vision for the Future (1:28 min)  
9. the Process of Composing for Particular Instruments (3:24 min)